Game Gosutra Multiplayer


Click "Games". You will be brought to a page with a list of games.

Read the short description of the game and click "Let's Play" for the game you want to play. Make sure you have the stated number of players.

You will go to a page where a detailed instruction of the game is given. Proceed to select "Join a Game" or "Create a Game".

Among the group of your friends, only one person has to click "Create a Game", where you will then select the number of players including yourself. Then a password will be given (all letters are in lower case). Share this with your friends. The rest of your friends will click "Join a Game" and key in the password. Once the required number of players are reached, the game will start.

Many of the games require all players to be present in same room/location, since verbal communication is required.

Current Problems:

Using Internet Explorer might cause a hang.

Some iPhones are unable to get to the voting page for Spyfall. But otherwise still playable.

Sometimes a refresh of the page is required to regain the connection.