Game Instructions

No. of Players: 3~8


Only 1 Player will be chosen as a SPY. The rest will have roles given to them.

Aim of SPY: Determine what is the location (25 possibilities) before others find out who is the spy. Only one guess allowed.

Aim of EVERYONE ELSE: Determine who is the spy. Only once chance to vote. Majority rules.

At the start, one player will be randomly chosen to start asking a question. The question asked must be directed to a single person. Only that person has to answer the question.

Tip: Give vague answers to prevent the spy from determining where is the exact location.

The player who is asked a question will ask in the next turn. And choose another person to ask. And so on.

Everyone except the SPY will know the location, and will be given a role to play in that location. (See Examples below).

Vote will open only when every player (excluding the spy) agrees to take a vote.

When vote is open, everybody vote for a single player, suspected to be a spy. The spy can vote too.


Question: Where we are, is it crowded? (Location: Beach)
Answer: Sometimes...

Location: University
Possible Roles: Student, Lecturer, Admin, table etc.
The more you play, the more possible roles you know.

Possible Locations

This list will be available to all players during the entire game.

Note: Make sure you understand the meaning of the places before playing.

  1. Airplane
  2. Arcade
  3. Army
  4. Bank
  5. Beach
  6. Casino
  7. Circus Tent
  8. Corporate Party
  9. Cruise
  10. Embassy
  11. Fast Food Outlet - McDonalds
  12. Home
  13. Hospital
  14. Hotel
  15. Movie Shoot
  16. Outer Space
  17. Passenger Train
  18. Pirate Ship
  19. Police Station
  20. Restaurant
  21. School
  22. Submarine
  23. Supermarket
  24. Theatre
  25. University

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For example, 3 players Poop, Bunny, and Peee are playing. (All players must have distinct names.)

Only one player will need to create the game, the rest join. Suppose Poop is the Game Creator

Poop will click "Create a New Game" as shown below:
Create or Join
Everyone else will click "Join a Friend's Game".

Poop will type a name and select the number of players (3 in this case). Then click "Proceed" and then will be directed to a waiting page as shown below:
Poop Create Poop Wait

The other friends, say bunny, have to click "Join a Friend's Game" and key in the necessary details as shown:
Bunny Join

Once all players joined, the following images will be seen by Poop, Bunny and Peee respectively:
Poop Screen Bunny Screen Peee Screen
As seen, Bunny is the spy, but only he knows that, for now. EVERYONE will have a list of possible locations below.

When everyone, except the spy click "I want to vote now", everyone (including the spy) will be redirected to this page:
Vote Page Vote Draw
As seen, when there is not a clear majority, the page will not be redirected until someone changes the vote.

Once everyone has voted, and there is a majority, OR the spy clicked "Guess the location", everyone will be redirected to the Game Over page whose message depends on the outcome.
Game Over
When someone hits "End Game", everyone will be redirected to the main page.
When everyone hits replay, wait a while and everyone will be assigned a new role.